G&H Bankensoftware AG

Project Scope
Branding, Employer Branding, UI/UX Design

Since its founding in 1992, the BANCOS brand of G&H Bankensoftware AG (established in 1988), based in Berlin, has established itself as a reliable developer of software solutions for banks and fintechs. With the goal of modernizing the brand and further establishing it in the market, the company faced the challenge of strengthening its presence against agile and innovative competitors in the fintech industry.

As an established company, BANCOS faced the challenge of structuring its product range and improving its online presence to compete in a dynamic competitive environment and effectively attract new talent.

The design services were divided into two main themes: the rebranding of the BANCOS brand and the product design for UI/UX of various applications.

Rebranding: The rebranding included redesigning the logo, developing key visuals that represent the diversity of services, and creating an expandable design system that provides room for future product lines. This also involved designing the website, various marketing materials such as checklists, white papers, trade show booths, and business papers.

Product Design UI/UX: Additionally, user interfaces for administrative software and online banking applications were redesigned. This process included developing user tests and designing prototypes to optimize the user experience.

In close collaboration with the marketing department and based on thorough preliminary research, a new appearance for BANCOS was created. The design is based on the newly developed BANCOS logo in the form of a square, a symbol of strength and stability. The structural division of the square into nine fragments allows for a design grid that offers countless variation possibilities for developing key visuals. These compositions, reminiscent of pixels or sections of a QR code, symbolize the digital transformation that BANCOS supports through its services.


Since the start of this collaboration in 2021, the redesign of the BANCOS brand has led to a significant increase in online presence and improved perception among the target audience. The clearly structured and attractively designed interfaces have both increased customer engagement and the efficiency of user interactions.

The comprehensive overhaul of the BANCOS brand demonstrates how crucial thoughtful design is for positioning and success in a competitive market like the fintech industry. With a strong focus on usability and aesthetic appeal, BANCOS has strengthened its brand identity and successfully expanded its market position.